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If navigation of the Waters, alluded to, be unusually obstructed by the ice for the season, prudence will direct me to ^[[return &]] make my winter quarters at Northumberland Inlet.  During the Winter & early Spring, sledge-journies will be undertaken with a view of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the country [[strikethrough]] & especially of the Art of sledge-travelling. [[/strikethrough]]
In all my preparations, ^[[operations]] & proper outfit I shall have the ^[[earnest]] co-operation of Capt Sidney O. Buddington & other experienced Commanders, as well as the constant companionship of a party who has spent several years in the Arctic Regions. 
After careful investigation of all circumstances, when at Northumberland ^[[Inlet]], after [[strikethrough]] acquiring [[/strikethrough]] ^[[making]] the proper [[strikethrough]] experiences in [[/strikethrough]] ^[[observations of]] the various travelling facilities there, I shall then decide upon the practicable course to adopt to lead me to the final success I desire, in determining [[underlined]] truthfully & satisfactorily the History of the Franklin Expedition. [[/underlined]]
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To extend this undertaking to a ^[[favorable conclusion]] will require the assistance [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] of my fellow countrymen.
The proposed Voyage is one I make for the Cause of Science - for the Cause of Geographical Discoveries, with the sole view to accomplish good to Mankind - then with confidence ^[[do]] [[strikethrough]] shall [[/strikethrough]] I look for aid in the following outlay:

Salary for 2 1/2 years [[underlined]] of a Companion [[/underlined]] $6.00. - $1.500.
Provision - mostly Pemmican for long journies $ 250.
Instruments, chronometers, Ammunition & guns $ 350.
Boat with rigging (^[[To be]] speciallly made) $100.
General outfit, Articles for Barter with Esquimaux  $ 300.

Additional Pemican &c. $2500
As it will be necessary for me to spend several weeks in New York preparatory to embarking on this voyage, I will