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The narration of this melancholy search, wh. has added so largely to the geography of the Polar Seas has led us to pospone the notice of our enterprise. The most remarkable of all, & prior to point of time to some of those above mentioned
We allude to Dr Kane's wonderful exploration of Smith's Sound.
xxxxx Be this ^[[howsoever]] as it may Dr Kane having chosen his line of search pursued it unflinchingly under difficulties arising from severity of the climate & scanting of means that would have appalled & driven back any one not possessed of that fixedness of purpose & fertility or [[?reconner]] wh. formed parts of his character. XXX
Watsons Bet. Washington & Ginnell

Land temperature +36°F while thermometer marked -60°F of atmospheric cold
Vol VIII [[encircled]] 175 [[/encircled]]

The most effectual way of shooting them — Phuc'Æ (Seals) is by the use of small shot fired into their eyes: When killed with a bullet, they generally sink & are lost.  XX Seals appear to hear well when under the water; music, or particularly a person whistling draws them to the surface & induces them to stretch their necks the utmost extent, so as to prove a [[snare?]], by bringing within reach of the shooter.
Scoresby Vol 1 [[encircled]] 509 [[/encircled]]
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[[?Out]] - Ballast ship with Coals — on return fill with stones & sand for Ballast
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