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1/ Bread

[[list follows, shown as a chart on the page, with each vertical column listed below as one line]]
Beef 1/2 lb
Bread 1/2 lb
Pork 1/2 lb
Flour 1/4 lb
Suet 1/2 oz
Raisins 1/3 oz
Cocoa 1 oz
Sugar 2 oz
Pease 1.16 gill
Oat meal .2 gill
Wine .6 gill
Spirits 1 1/2 gill
Vinegar .29 gill
Tobacco 1.14 ozs
Lemon Juice 1.14 ozs
Sugar for lemon ^[[juice]] 1.14 oz
Molasses 1 oz
[[end of the list/vertical column chart]]

Average 2 1/4 lbs. per day Ea Man
& [[ditto for Average]] 3 3/4 gills [[dittos for per day Ea Man]]

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A [[underline]] superior [[/underline]] Pemmican is produced by mixing, with marrow fat & the dried fruit of the [[underline]] Amelanchier [[/underline]].
Richardson Vol 1 [[encircled]] 40 [[/encircled]]

From a work dilating upon the Books of Discovery of new Lands River Bays &c see McCartney's U. States

We find that so far from Europeans being unable to work in a hot climate it is the want of [[strikethrough]] it [[/strikethrough]] work that [[strikethrough]] that [[/strikethrough]] kills them.  The Portuguese all know, that so long as they are moving about, they enjoy good health, but let them settle

Transcription Notes:
Wondering if what looks like "gills" is an abbreviation for "gallons"? <-- no, a gill is a measurement equaling about 1/2 cup

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