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The bulk of air drawn in & thrown out [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] ^by an [[strikethrough]] average [[/strikethrough]] athletic man undergoing severe exertion amounts to 5700 Gallons a day — some estimate it as high as 4000 for an average man under average circumstances
Johnston's "Chemistry of Common Life"
Vol II [[encircled]] 272 [[/encircled]] YMML

Generally speaking the quantity (of water) given off from the lungs & skin together is equal to about 1/3 of the weight of the whole food solid + liquid wh. is taken into the stomach. XXX

Skin alone of a full-grown man exhales in 24 hours in [[uz?]] circumstances from 1 1/2 to 2 lbs water in the 

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state of insensible perspiration XXXX

In a full grown man the weight of carbonic acid ^(gas) given off varies from 1 to 3 lbs in 24 hours 
This gas contains in every hund. lbs, 28 lbs of carbon (pure charcoal) & 72 lbs of oxygen.  Hence the weight of carbon wh escapes in this form from the lungs of a full-grown man varies from 5 to 15 ozs in the 24 hours - The quantity wh. escapes from the skin (of a man) 50 to 60 grams in 24 hours.
Bodily exertion greatly increases this quantity as it does that of watery vapor.  The human skin, when a person is in motion perspires 3 times as much as when
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