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[[pencil notes on inside cover]]
180              4 - 20
112                  25
---              ------
 68              4 - 45

 3 - 00          [[image: irregular pentagon divided
 4 - 45            into ten triangular sections with "18"
-------            written near its lower right side]]
10 - 15

[[note with an "X" drawn through it]]

   m       h
[[Chro?]]  3 - 00 ┐  Nov 16th/61
           |      │
  W        X - 15 ┘

[[/note with an "X" drawn through it]]

Montreal Island [[?]]
to [[lit. ?]] island by two [[swinnig?]] Dec 2d
                         399 Back
[[/pencil notes on inside cover]]
[[end page]]
[[start page]]
[[written vertically]]
Montreal ^[[circled]] Island [[/circled]] named [[Shipps?]]
by Sir Geo Back  Aug ^[[1st]] 1st 1834 in
Commemoration of the attention he had received from the public-spirited & hospitable inhabitants of Montreal City Canada
        See -- "Back's Journal" [[circled]] 399 [[/circled]]
[[/written vertically]]
[[column 1]]
Page [[circled]] 17 [[/circled]]
Articles ^[[found]] among the Esquimaux belonging to
Sir John Franklin's party
Tent poles & Kayacks
Paddles made out of ash oars
Pieces of Mahogany
Elm, Oak & Pine
Copper & sheet Iron boilers
Tin Soup Terrenes
Pieces of Instruments
Letter nip of [[overwritten]] "1853" [[/overwritten]] "1843"
Broken Handsaw
Chisels &c
[[/column 1]]
[[column 2]]
Pages [[circled]] 21 [[/circled]] & [[circled]] 22 [[/circled]]
Chain hooks
Black smiths shovel
Coal Chisel
Tin coal Boiler
A Bar of iron
Wrought iron 3 feet long
             1/2 in [[strikethrough]] Br [[/strikethrough]]
             1/4 in thick
Small pieces of rope
A number of sticks strung together
on one of wh was Cut [[underline]] "Mr Stanley" [[/underline]]
Chip Shavings
Ends of pine plank
[[line drawn pointing to continuation of list in lower right corner]]
Elm ash bark & Mahogany evidently sawed by unskillful Hands
one had the word [[underline]] "Terror" [[/underline]] carved on it
[[circled]] 27 [[/circled]] = Cod Line & striped Cotton
[[/column 2]]
[[column 3]]
Tin Kettles
[[/column 3]]
[[column 4]]
[[circled]] 15 [[/circled]]
Obtained or Barter
There were articles usually
Sold by Hudson Bay Company to Indians
[[/column 4]] 

Transcription Notes:
Sir George Back was a British naval officer and explorer of the Canadian Arctic.

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