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Union in her fight for national defense against the German invaders. As part of a single Axis strategy, it was also intended to divert American aid from its British and Soviet allies going through the Atlantic.

The Japanese are continuing their military actions against the Philippines with fanatical fury. They have succeded in capturing Manila, Cavite, Wake Island and Guam. All United States Pacific outposts are in danger. The western coastal defenses of continental United States are open to air attacks and submarine raids. The Japanese have already sunk American ships off the coast of California. Western cities are subject to air bombings.

The world conspiracy of the Nazi fascists to destroy all liberties, all human values and to enslave all peoples and nations, including the United States, is in full operation. 

This is a war of all democratic and liberty-loving people to exterminate fascist slavery, which seeks to envelop every continent. It is the war of the Soviet people, now heroically driving the Hitler invaders out of their country on a 2,000-mile battlefront-at Leningrad, Moscow and Rostov; it is the war of the British people against the Nazi bandits; it is a war of the Chinese people against the murderous Japanese militarists; it is the war of the peoples in the occupied countries to break the Nazi yoke; it is the war of our own country to maintain the national independence and security of our nation against the Japanese Government and the whole infamous Rome-Berlin-Tokio military Axis. 

Anyone or any policies that stand in the way of the full prosecution of the objective of this war to destroy Nazism and fascism, which threaten our nation, betray the interests of the American people. America must be made strong by the entire American people throwing their full force into the all-out military effort.

Ours is a nation of people from many countries. We are a homogeneous nation based on the common heritage and objectives of democracy and liberty; yet each group, of whatever national origin, maintains its separate heritage and con-


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tributes the best of these to the common whole of America. Herein lies one of the great sources of strength of America. Hitler and the Japanese militarists, on the other hand, are struggling for a world domination in which conquered nations are enslaved in a superstate of dictatorial finance capital. 

II. Nazi Fascists Violate Moral and Spiritual Values

The Nazis repudiate the cardinal principle of morality and justice that runs through the Bill of Rights, that was embodied in the Abolitionist movement and that is stamped on the historical development of America. The Nazis are treacherous, deceitful and brutal.
The Japanese ruling clique, moral degenerates of the Nazi fascist type with the character of something that is dying, treacherously attacked the United States. At that very moment the President of the United States was seeking to settle irritating relations between the government of the United States and the government of Japan.

During the two months prior to December 7 President Roosevelt was conducting conversations with Emperor Hirohito and representatives of the Japanese Government sojourning in this country, seeking a way to continue the bond of friendship established nearly a century ago. On the day before December 7 President Roosevelt sent a last minute appeal to Emperor Hirohito expressing hope for the establishment of:

1. The principle of inviolability of territorial integrity and sovereignty of each and all nations.

2. The principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. 

3. The principle of equality, including equality of commercial opportunity and treatment. 

4. The principle of reliance upon international cooperation and conciliation for the prevention and pacific settlement of controversies and for the improvement of international conditions by peaceful methods and processes.

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