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In 1933, Japan extended her conquests into Jehol and later into Inner Mongolia. 

All of this is conquest and imperialism. That is what the Japanese call "Asia for the Asiatics." The pretense of the Japanese of being friends of the "darker races" is hollow mockery from robbers who have enslaved the Koreans, the Formosans and Manchurians; who have murdered tens of thousands of men, women and children-the best sons and daughters of China. 

[[bold]] The Berlin-Rome-Tokio Race Myth [[/bold]]

The Chinese people, under the leadership of Chiang Kai-shek, reject the so-called "prosperity sphere" and are heroically resisting the Japanese militarists. The Chinese people are boiling over with hatred of the Japanese invaders.*

This is not a war between "races." It is a war of nations and peoples fighting for freedom and national security and independence against a gang of international bandits who aim to destroy all nations and subject them to enslavement. It is a war of black and white, of brown and yellow men and women against the "racial" theories of the Nazis. 

Another glorious example of this is the case of the Filipinos, who are fighting side by side with white Americans and black Americans against the Japanese invaders. 

National chauvinism, which is prevalent among some sections, should be eradicated. This is not a war against a so called "yellow peril." The term "Jap" is chauvinistic and divisive. The American people do not hate the Japanese masses, who are held in subjugation by a clique of Japanese militarists at the top. National chauvinism creates distrust and 


* As we go to press the following news despatch has come from China: [[italicized]] "New China, [[/italicized]] daily newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party published by the Eighth Route Army, called for an immediate alliance of East Asiatic peoples against the Japanese. The newspaper said the Siamese, Indians, Malayans, Filipinos, Koreans, Formosans and Chinese should organize a united front. 'Without such a united front of Oriental peoples against aggression attacks on the Japanese in the Pacific will be ineffective,' [[italicized]] New China [[/italicized]] said." - [[italic]]Daily Worker, [[/italic]] January 2, 1942. 


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resentment among sections of our own population who eagerly want to destroy Japanese militarism. America does not need to resort to chauvinistic terms to stir our nation to unity and enthusiasm against the Japanese militarists, Nazis and fascists. 

Col. Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy, declared before a graduating class at the United States Naval Academy, on December 19, 1941:

"Our enemies proclaim the virtues of so-called superior races with a mystical right to oppress all other peoples of the earth. We fight for a world where every race and every nation will have an equal chance to grow and prosper." 

Destruction of the Japanese military clique will crush its rule not only over the Formosans and Koreans but also over the masses of Japanese people. America and her allies in victory over the Japanese-Nazi-fascist set-up will open up the path for freedom of all peoples subjugated by Nazi fascism, including the Franco Spanish kind. That is why Filipinos, Puerto Ricans and Cubans, who in the past suffered under the heel of Spanish feudalism, are now fighting side by side with the United States against the Nazi aggressors, including their Franco partner. 

[[bold]] VI. "Left Anti-Imperialist Moods" [[/bold]]

A dangerous dividing poison is the "Left anti-imperialist ideology." Agents of Nazism refer to Japan's attack on the United States as "anti-imperialist," "anti-Yankee imperialist," "anybody that fights America is fighting against imperialism." This apparently super-radical idea comes from certain Latin American sources. The Trotskyites propagate this also. The Nazi Axis is very crafty. It uses all means to hide its perfidy. 

Japanese spies and saboteurs are operating in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Franco spies especially operate in Spanish-speaking communities in the United States, as well as in Latin-American countries, for the Berlin master. Hitler has caused Franco to dream of "rebuilding the Spanish Empire" in the Philippines and the Spanish Main in the West-


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