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ern Hemisphere, which for four hundred years were "Rich Spots" for the Spanish monarchy and feudal marauders and despoilers.

A Hitler-Franco regime in the old Spanish Empire style would be worse than the marauding Spanish Conquistadors. The medieval atrocities of the Spanish conquest of Mexico pale into the significance compared to what a Hitler victory would mean. Four hundred years of Negro slavery are nothing besides Nazi persecution of Jewish people, peoples of the occupied countries, and "races" of so-called "inferior" status.

The Berlin-Rome-Tokio Axis is the most rapacious of all the imperialists in history. Joseph Stalin describes the perfidy off the Nazis as follows:

"The party of the Hitlerites is a party of imperialists, more-over, the most rapacious and plunderous imperialists among all the imperialists of the world....To cover up their reactionary, blackguard essence, the Hitlerites are branding the Anglo-American internal regime as a plutocratic regime. But in England and the United States there are elementary democratic liberties, there are trade unions of workers and employees, there are labor parties, there is a parliament, whereas the Hitler regime has abolished all these institutions in Germany....

"Actually the Hitler regime is a counterpart of the reactionary regime which existed in Russia under tsarism....

"The Hitler party is a party of the enemies of democratic liberties, a party of medieval reaction and blackguard pogroms...."*

Mussolini was very pompous when he carried out his "civilizing mission" in the conquest of Ethiopia. The Italian people have since learned the folly and the tragedy for Italy of that adventure. When he declared war on the United States he at the same time declared war on Americans of Italian descent, of whom there are more than six million. How the Italian fascists hope to justify this attack with the Italian peo-
* Stalin speaks to the World, Workers Library Publishers, pp. 9-10.


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ple in Italy nobody knows. They certainly cannot justify it with Americans of Italian origin in the United States.

The Latin American population of the United States is overwhelmingly in support of the war effort of the United States against the Axis powers. They must be on the alert to combat supporters of Franco. The Negro people resent and will combat as traitors to America anyone who tries to influence them with the "darker race" theory of the Japanese. The Jewish people have from the very beginning stood in the forefront of the fight against Hitler and Hitlerism in opposition to those who wanted them to follow a "hush, hush" policy, "not to stick their necks out."

Americans of all national groups, Latin Americans, Americans of Italian or German origin, must be on the strictest guard and watchful of the Nazi-Franco or Japanese-Mussolini spies. The workers and people generally must struggle against and expose the Trotskyites as obstructors of national unity and the war against the Nazi fascists.

"Action, Action"

Do not worry now that the struggle should have been started earlier-when the turn of events in June showed that our country and its security were vitally endangered. This is not the time to argue the question. Action, action! That is the word at the moment. Words are useful now only as they stir us into action and show us where to hit and where to labor for the defense of the nation and the annihilation of the Nazi fascist enemies.

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