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spirits of men rose with the appearing sun 158

John Eams sees herd of deer mid
Winter trotting leisurely [[circled]] 158 [[/circled]]

Old Theory of animal migration upset by
M' Clure's experience [[circled]] 159 [[/circled]]

Determination to cache on Islands [[circled]] 163 [[/circled]]

Three Months provision just upon
[[Princess?]] Royal SS [[circled]] 163 [[/circled]]

Notice of the sacredness of it [[circled]] 6 [[/circled]] [[circled]] 163 [[/circled]]

Too much [[??]] to allow hunting [[circled]] 165 [[/circled]]

Six men to drag sledge loadened 1100 lbs [[circled]] 165 [[/circled]]

17th Am Lieut Haswell to go S.E. follow course 
[[Dolphin & Union?]] Straits [[circled]] 165 [[/circled]]
Sailors wash with a [[?]] [[circled]] 167 [[/circled]]
Rationed on Salt Beef & Salt pork 167.

If hungry must be consoled by looking forward when the travelling over; for the [[strikethrough]] sledge [[??]] [[/strikethrough]]
rations are weighed up to an ounce [[circled]] 167 [[/circled]]

While out called to sailors -- 168

Difficulty of finding "Cairns" 287
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