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Wednesday, Sept. 12th, 1860

   Poor sick child!  yet thank God, I'm getting better!  The night was a terrible one to my aching limbs, but the free use of "Perry Davis Pain Killer" ^[[a doz. bottles of]] which [[strikethrough]] were generous [[/strikethrough]] were generously given me ^[[on my leaving the states for these Arctic Regions]] by Y. R. Harris, Mayor of New London, Conn, ^[[gave me much relief.]]  Some-how, I was always skeptical as to Patent medicines, & have [[partinocously]] kept clear of them, but, when I found that ^[[worthy]] men [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] of New London & towns in its vicinity ^[[speaking]] [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] highly of its virtues from [[underlined]] personal experience, [[/underlined]] I had the courage to try it - try it I did, & now I say: "Evil be to ^[[him who]] evil thinks" [[strikethrough]] of it" [[/strikethrough]] of it.

At a late hour ^[[of the morning]] I crawled out of my birth, dressed, went upon deck & breathed the free, cool, invigorating air of heaven.

A little before 12 (M) [[strikethrough]] M [[/strikethrough]] ^[[Mate]] Rogers ordered a crew & boat to convey me to a neighboring Island as I desired to take a Meridian observation by Artificial Horizon.
I shall incorporate in this Journal all observations - their workings up etc.  Whenever I think a final ^[[(to me)]] satisfactory determination has been made, [[underlined]] I shall say so [[/underlined]] - If of doubtful result [[strikethrough]] sall [[/strikethrough]] I shall say so!
I did not get in readings for a good observation, nevertheless, I will make record of what I did do:
[[strikethrough]] ii the result be [[/strikethrough]]
       The angular distance of the nearest limits of the two images of the Sun I found to be

61[[degree symbol]] - 39' half of wh. is the observed altitude 30[[degree symbol]] [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] 9' [9] - 30 "
Add Semidiameter -----    16
                        31 - 05' - 30"
Sub Reflection ----     - -   1' - 00"
True Altitude ----      31 - 04 - 30
Zenith Distance --  58[[degree symbol]] 55' 30
Declination -----    3[[degree symbol]] - 56' 00
([[underlined]] Vide [[/underlined]] Oct 9/60) 
Latitude             62[[degree symbol]] - 51' - 30" N.

As will be seen in this journal Wednes Sept 5th (ante) the observation of that day differs from this 8 1/4 nautical miles.  I am [[strikethrough]] I [[/strikethrough]] inclined to think the latter to be nearer the fact.  Although there is not an extraordinary difference, taking into account the tremendous refraction that was going on the other day - the peculiar state of 
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