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New Years 1861 Tuesday

At 1/2 past 5 this Morn visited North Star village - Revolver in hand to give Ebierbing & Tukoolitoo each a salut - a hail: 'I wish you a happy New Year!  I found the Igloos with glowing windows.  Arriving at the entrance to Ebierbing, I [[underlined]] "let 'er drive" [[/underlined]] that is shot Revolver within the entrance of the passage leading to the Igloo which of course made [[strikethrough]] all ring [[/strikethrough]] pent up thunder.  Ebierbing responded: 'Ki-ete'! [[strikethrough]] which of course [[/strikethrough]] I obeyed.

Shuzey was up but E & T. were not.  With a happy - happy New Year did I greet these noble children of the North.

Tuk-oo-li-too was not well, so I did not disturb them long.  However, Ebierbing accompanied me back to the ship we leaving Tuk-oo-li-too to finish out her nap.  The pleasure of this greeting.

The Innuit of whom I purchased the Tuk-too Fur skin last night, down early for his shot & powder - Sampson - his nuliana & little Puk-e-ne-yer down.  The supungers I gave to Puk-e-ne-yer & Arn-nu-tik-er-tung.  The shot I gave to Sampson. 

The present sent by Sampson's wife to her sister.  The milling softening of my seal jacket by Puk-e-ne-yer who took off her Kummings & acted the tread-mill.  This operation & that of rolling & hoisting - & chewing resulted in soft skin.

The call on poor Nuk-er-ton-her constant failing.  Chimerarchu building an Igloo for her (N.) - probably a house of death for the poor creature.  The interesting & prolonged conversation with Tuk-oo-li-too relative to customs & practices of her 

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New Years 1861 Tuesday

people - conveyed facts to her relative to American experiences that made her thankful!! 

The distribution of pups that are starving belonging to the G.H among the Igloos.

The present of Mate Gardiner to the Expedition which I represent of a first rate Tape measure 66 feet in length - one that he obtained on board the "Resolute" at the time this expedition vessel was discovered drifting down Davis Strait.  Mate G was one of the company that went aboard the R. & took her to New London.   Arrived [[? years day]].

Que-jes-se & Tu-nuk-de-lien gone up home to-night.  Artarkparu down this P.M.  My Winter dress of skins nearly done - I now await the return of Ebierbing's dogs which are with Ugar up at Oo-kood-lear.  They should have been here before - but Ugar's word is not to be depended upon.  I hope, however to be able to start by Thursday next. 

Mate G says that the "Resolute" was beset in the ice within sight of "Cape Mercy that they walked from the "George Henry" to the R on the ice. 

Snowing to-night though clear around & overhead.  A strange phenomenon!  Aurora playing faintly to the E & S.E Wind light from N.W. 

Capt. B. remarks that the current down on W. side Davis Straits is one mile per hour.  24 miles in 24 hours.  This he has proved while beset in the drifting ice

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