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True national defense is needed. But more and more it is becoming obvious that [[italics]]peace is America's best defense!
[[/italics]]  The real traitors to the nation's security and national defense are the big rich people.  The crime of these people is their plans to attack Latin American nations.  For the real defense of the country, the American people demand that the government stay out of war.  That it advance the living standards of its people, Negro and white.  That it refuse all aid to the belligerents.  That it feeds America and starves the war.  Labor and the people have the united strength to save America from the horrors of M-Day and war.

The newest proposal of the president is for national conscription of all of America's youth-young men and women.  This is a military dragnet for America's youth.  The plan is for the development of youth as a cheap labor source for the munitions industries and for cannon fodder for Wall Street.

A necessary condition of real national defense is a free and prosperous people.  This means an increase, not a decrease in the living standards of the people.  This would mean the preservation and enlargement of the democratic liberties of all the people.  Under such conditions, the youth of the country labor and the working people train for true defense against enemies of the people-the monopolies, against all policies of military adventures for "protecting" the neighboring colonies, or small countries in Latin and South America.

But national conscription of America's youth, which is based on Roosevelt's policies of shattered neutrality-on a policy of Yankee imperialism for Latin America-cannot but mean a betrayal of America's youth.

The sinister proposal of the President, which should be fought against, more than ever shows the true hand of the Washington government in its plans for war, for slashing the civil liberties and rights of youth, and the working people who ask for peace, civil liberties and education.

Peace hangs by a thread!

But you can help keep America out of war, by raising your voices high.  The youth of America want jobs, not cannon!

Pass the Anti-Lynching Bill!

Keep America Out of War!          James W Ford 



Jesse Clipper, Negro Hero, 1895-1917

In the heart of the 5th Ward, center of the segregated Negro residential section in Buffalo, New York, a monument stands erected to the memory of Jesse Clipper, Negro hero who died in battle in the first World War of 1914 - 1918.

Jesse Clipper is so honored because of his bravery and his valor.  Young Jesse Clipper died believing that he had done his share "to make the world safe for democracy."  He must have died happily too, at the thought that he and his buddies had given their lives "in this war to end all wars"-that the armistice which was signed would be a permanent one.  But this belief was a shocking illusion.

Twenty-three years ago, in 1917, three years after President Wilson proclaimed the neutrality of the United States and had implored the citizens to "refrain from taking sides," America, at Wilson's advice, took sides, and Jesse Clipper enlisted.

Jesse Clipper died in battle.  He had no chance to weight the aftermath of the war.  How could he know, for example, two years later,  when it was all over, that the war dead of America together with the rest of the world numbered some 12 million?  How could he know that the war had given birth to some 25,000 new millionaires?  How could he read the same press which now blatantly confessed that many of the atrocity stories concerning the Belgians weren't true, after all?

No, Jesse Clipper could never know, now.  Even if he could come to life again, he would probably die again of disillusionment.  He would see at a glance, that the very things he fought for and was promised-freedom, equality, opportunity, were still denied his people.  He would see the tragedy of Natchez, Mississippi-in which over 240 Negroes died-the pyres of charred bodies which is symbolic of the half-slave, half-free Jim-Crow oppression which Negroes in America still suffer from, economically, politically and socially.  

But the thing that would perhaps alarm Jesse most would be the realization that the second World War was in progress.  That reaction did "break faith" with those who sleep in


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