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of Africa to freedom and liberation from imperialism as a whole? This is the real choice!

[[bold]] Lindbergh - Spouse of the Morgan Fortune
Sometimes the reactionaries themselves let the cat our of the bag as to the true situation. 

Take the speech made by Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, the lawful spouse of the fortune of Morgan, decorated by, and friend of Field Marshal Goering of Germany, for instance: 

The speech is entitled simply "Aviation, Geography, and Race," delivered over a national net-work and re-printed in the [[italics]] Readers Digest of 1939 [[/italics]] He says: 

[[italics]] ...Western nations are again at war, a war likely to be more prostrating than any in the past, a war in which the White race is bound to lose, and the others bound to gain, a war which may easily lead our civilization through more Dark Ages if it survives at all." [[/italics]] 

Lindbergh then goes on to warn that his "civilization" is menaced by "the infiltration of inferior blood."

It is clear that Mr. Lindbergh feels that the war is a white man's - or more correctly - a war for white supremacy. That it is a war, which, unless his Western nations win, will mean world domination by darker peoples, which will then be a civilization equivalent to the Dark Ages. Obviously, civilization as he sees it does not include the black man. 

What contribution can "inferior blood" make? Ask George Washington Carver, Negro scientist and inventor of 100 or more uses for the peanut, for instance. Ask Marian Anderson, outstanding negro contralto. Ask Paul Robeson. Ask Joe Louis, who tore down the myth of "Aryan" supremacy. Ask all the millions of heavily-pigmented people throughout the world, whose sweat and blood have been given for centuries to build up empires, profits, and wealth. 

They have even contributed their "inferior blood" time and again in defense of democracy because they believed the cause was theirs also. Ask the dead who fought with Crispus Attacks in Concord, for American independence. Or the Negro soldiers who died on the battlefields with Jackson in


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New Orleans. Or the War of 1812. Ask a few Negro Civil War veterans who fought with Sherman. Ask the Negro dead who lie in Flanders Field. 

[[bold]] The False Theory of a White Man's War

  Prof. Rayford Logan of Howard University and 
Elmer Carter of [[italics]] Opportunity 
[[/italics]] are bearers of a theory of ill-repute, the theory of the "white man's war." The fact remains that Negroes comprise a good bit of the cannon fodder for Europe's war makers.
In our own communities, since the war, the bubble of the false theory of a "white man's war" quickly explodes amidst the rising cost of living, the corresponding lowering of income, as a result of the Roosevelt war and hunger budget. The Negro population are delivered not only as cannon fodder, but the acute brunt of the war crisis is first felt by them. The falsification of actual fact as shown here is for one main purpose: to weaken the domestic front of Negro and white unity, to lull the Negro population who want and have no part in this war. The theory must be fought against, for it is both the anti-Negro and anti-working class. 

[[bold]] The Administration Gives a War - Deal to the People [[/bold]]

That the New Deal has become a war - deal, is an ever conscious growing fact on the minds of everybody. The few concessions of appointments of Negroes to hitherto-unheld Federal, state and city posts, the integration of Negroes into the Federal program, in theatres, labor and social service have been forsaken by Roosevelt. 

Only 200,000 Negro workers are now left on the WPA rolls as a result of the Woodrum amendments and the Roosevelt war and hunger budget.

If the United States intends to keep out of the war, why the huge armaments program as against social betterment for the people of America? And what kind of security can the people have, when even the temporary security of WPA, NYA, PWA is taken away from them? The President's message offers neither peace nor security to the people of America!

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