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universally for his "ring generalship." "Ring generalship" has to do with knowing your opponent's strength and weaknesses, being constantly aware of the changing tides of battle, always on the alert to deal your opponent the knockout blow. 

Today "ring generalship" in the military sense is the concern of all the people. Today, the heroic Red Army holds Hitler in a "corner" on the Eastern front. The Eastern front is the most decisive front of the war. For it is there that the greatest battles are being fought against the main spearhead of Hitler's armies. It is there that our powerful ally, the Soviet Union, is dealing the death blows to the hitherto "invincible" armies of Hitler. The Soviet Union, where over 150 nationalities live and enjoy the fruits of their labor in complete harmony and equality. has shown to the world its ability to wage total all-out war at the front and in the rear. The Soviet Union has the offensive and initiative today, in its drive on Kharkov. The Red Army's role for all mankind was expressed by General MacArthur on the occasion of its twenty-fourth anniversary:

"....the world situation at the present time indicates that the hopes of civilization rest upon the worthy banners of the courageous Russian Army..."

But Hitler is not defeated yet. Even now he is planning an offensive to secure the rich oil fields of the Caucasus. We can decide his fate though, if we take the initiative in the West of Europe as the Red Army has done in the East. We have to set up a "corner" on the Western front-[italics] now! [end italics] So that we can all meet Schmeling's pals - the Nazis, and to help give them the "haymaker" that is their due. 

Hitler doesn't want to fight a two-front war. By his own admission, he is getting a terrific beating by the great Red Army. On the continent of Europe guerilla fighting has reached the stage of open revolt in many places. Yes, Hitler is open for a "right" right now. The defeatists and Axis fifth column wants us to get punchdrunk with wild swings. They want us to play into the hands of Hitler by fighting on many fronts instead of concentrating our blows against the main armies of the Axis. But the time is Now, this year, 1942! Presi-


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dent Roosevelt has said that we must carry the war to the enemy. Winston Churchill said recently that it is better to have an offensive spirit to tackle the enemy, and encouraged the growing demand in England and America for a Western front. Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union and military genius of the Red Army, has declared that the time is now, this year, 1942. General Marshall, Chief of Staff, has said that our boys must land in France for victory. We want to make every blow count, this year, 1942. Let's get out of the clinches of defeat of Singapore, let's avenge Bataan and Corigidor. Let's make way for victory by boldly moving into the opponent's corner, by taking the offensive on land, sea and air in a mighty invasion on the Western front.

That's the fighting spirit of Joe Louis - that's the offensive spirit of all America! A Western front now! Victory in 1942!
Together, all youth shall build the future and establish a just democratic peace, for with Hitler defeated the collapse of the armies of Hirohito and Mussolini will soon follow. For this purpose and in this spirit all young Americans, Negro and white, must and will fight for victory.

Claudia Jones, the author of this pamphlet, is a young Negro woman leader of the Young Communist League, Editor of the popular anti-fascist youth magazine, the WEEKLY REVIEW.
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