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Alexander, Frank Edward
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Battle, Thaddeus Arrington
Beebe, Vernold
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Chowan, Mike
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Coad, Mack
Cobbs, Walter
Collado, Tomas
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Cox, James
Cueria y Orbit, Basilio
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Dickson, Nathaniel
Donowa, Arnold Bennett
Dukes, Larry Stratford
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Gibbs, Theodore
Goldwyn, Gerald
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Gutierrez, Centurio
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Johnson, Aaron Bernard
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Richard
Kee, Salaria
Kilpatrick, Admiral
Law, Oliver
Lewis, Abraham
Lewis, Charles
Lisberg, Norma
Love, Vaughan
McDaniels, Eluard Luchell
Mitchell, Andrew
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Prowell, Alpheus Danforth
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Rucker, Bernard
Seacord, Douglas
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Taylor, Joseph
Thornton, Ralph
Trent, Tom
Verdier, Herbert
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Watson, Alonzo
Weiderman, Jefferson
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Wickman, Morris Hery
Williams, Fred
Williams, Paul E.
Willis, Sam
Yates, James
Youngblood, Charles
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Ever since 1939 we have talked about preparing a history of the more than 80 Black Americans who were volunteers in the Lincoln Brigade.

With the assistance of the VALB Historical Commission, I have obtained a list of Blacks and some additional data about them.

I have been conducting research in our archives and in libraries and have begun recording and writing recollections of surviving vets.

I need the help of all vets and non-vets in getting additional information about Black comrades they knew in Spain, especially those who were killed there. Perhaps you have photos, letters, or even know the whereabouts of the relatives of deceased Black veterans, or perhaps you can recall an incident, or knew a Black volunteer prior to 1937, etc., etc.

Please send, direct to me, any recollections or information you may have.

James Yates
415 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001


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In preparing this publication, we referred a good deal to the following for information and facts:
1. "In Memoriam"--Paul Robeson, American World Patriot, Memorial service, Rev. Dr. Donald Harrington, 1975
2. Here I Stand, Paul Robeson, Othello Associates Publishers, 1958
3. Paul Robeson-- Tributes--Selected Writings, 1976
4. The Heart of Spain, Edited by Alvah Bessie, VALB Publishers 1952
5. The Lincoln Battalion, Edwin Rolfe, VALB Publishers, 1939
6. Men In The Ranks, Joseph North, Friends Abraham Lincoln Battalion Publishers, 1939
7. A Negro Nurse in Republican Spain, Negro Committee to Aid Spain, Medical Bureau North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy Publishers
8. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Arthur H. Landis, Citadel Press, 1967
9. The Book of the XV Brigade, Frank Ryan, February 1, 1938. Records of the British, American, Canadian and Irish Volunteers in the XVth International Brigade in Spain 1936-1938
10. International Solidarity with the Spanish Republic 1937-1938 by Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.-Soviet War Veterans Committee Spanish Section, Progress Publishers
Pictures, Correspondence and Memorabilia from J. Brandt Collection

*There were five brigades in all. The Eleventh known as the Thaelmann Brigade composed of German anti-fascists Communists in the main including escapees from concentration camps. The Twelfth Brigade known as the Garibaldis consisted of Italian anti-Fascists. The Thirteenth Brigade was composed of Slavic-speaking anti-fascists made up of Poles, Czechs, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians, Yugoslavs and other east Europeans. They went under the name of the Dombrowski Brigade. The Fourteenth Brigade was composed of French and Belgian anti-fascists. The fifth and last brigade organized in January, 1937 at Albacete was the Fifteenth Brigade. The English-speaking brigade composing the British Battalion, the Canadian Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion, the 59th Spanish Battalion composed of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican and South American volunteers, and the Abraham Lincoln Battalion (ALB) made up of volunteers from the United States of America.

"In the United States itself, the 15th Brigade in its entirety was usually referred to as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. In this context what was actually meant was not so much the brigade itself but the (Abraham Lincoln Battalion- ALB) or total grouping of Americans in Spain who were scattered throughout the various international auxiliary units including the John Brown Field Artillery Battery, and the Washington Battalion which was an integral part of the ALB. The final result of this complexity was that a dual procedure was used by the American press, radio, and other information media: in all areas of combat the men were referred to as the Abraham Lincoln Battalion; where American volunteers in general were being dealt with they were referred to as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade."

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade
by Arthur H. Landis, Citadel Publishers

Please note that the language and terminology used in this collection reflects the context and culture of the time of its creation, and may include culturally sensitive information. As an historical document, its contents may be at odds with contemporary views and terminology. The information within this collection does not reflect the views of the Smithsonian Institution, but is available in its original form to facilitate research. For questions or comments regarding sensitive content, access, and use related to this collection, please contact