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Friday, Nov. 6/96
Morning: fine. Go to S.I. work over mail & proofs. Home, Mother dines with us. Evening read.

Saturday. Nov. 7th
Morning fine. Go to office & read proofs then to S.I. work over proofs. Home, [[strikethrough]] evening [[/strikethrough]] meeting with the Goode committee enroute, Evening. go to Biol. Soc. Meeting.

Sunday Nov. 8
Day rainy. stay at home, read &c. Mrs. McCook dines with us

Monday Nov. 9
Colder. Fair. Go to Moses & S.I. work over mail & proofs. Home, evening go to meeting of the Cosmos Club.

Tuesday Nov 10
Morning cold, cloudy. Go to the library & S.I. see Dinividdie & work over mail & Spurr's fossils. Home evening Mr. Comstock calls.

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work on mail and introduction. Go to see Atlee & Casanowicz about etymology. P.M. meeting of Hodgkins committee. P.M. Miss Castle & G. Kennan come over to dinner. evening write on review. 

Wednesday. Jan 9/95
Morning. snowy. Go to S.I. work on routine & classification. Snows & rains Home, evening work on revision of manuscript. Read My Lady Rotha.

Thursday, Jan. 10
Morning wet. Go to S.I. work on routine matters & letters. A. P. Coleman of Toronto calls. Home evening read.

Friday. Jan 11
Morning cloudy. Go to S.I. attend to mail & microscopic work  Dr. Spencer comes in. Get out slides for McConnell. Home, evening read.

Saturday, Jan 12
Morning cloudy. Work over mail see Goode, Lucas & Stanton. Work

Transcription Notes:
Looks like Dinividdie to me and it appears to be a surname so have taken out of brackets. The other bracket says Spurr's and probably refers to Josiah Edward Spurr -@siobhanleachman