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Home, evening go to Biological Soc. meeting

Sunday Oct 25/96
Morning fine. Go to church & home with mother calling on the Pillings. P.M. call on the Frank Baker's with Nettie

Monday Oct 26
Weather fine. Go to S.I. work over Hering's list mail etc. Home, evening read.

Tuesday, Oct. 27
Weather fine. Call for Couden, at bank, office, see Becker, Spurr &c then to S.I via Mertz & Moses. Work all day over filing drawings of fossils Home, evening Miss Hartwell and Miss Schmidt call.

Wednesday, Oct. 28
Morning warm. Go to S.I. work over proofs, drawings & mail. Home very warm. Mother dines with us. Church committee meeting in evening. 

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Morning fair. Go to Dr Richardson's then to bank and Georgetown Custom house then to S.I. work on mail and over classification 
P.M. Go to Columbian University to meet committee on Melling memorial then home. Evening read.

Wednesday Jan 23
Morning go to S.I. work on classification. Home, evening read.

Thursday Jan 24
Morning fair. Go to Dr Richardson's & later to Geol. Survey where I see Walcott & Vaughan, then to S.I. Burns back. Work on routine matters & classification. Home, evening go to Mr. Hubbards to discuss Society matters

Friday. Jan 25
Morning cloudy. Go to Bureau of Ethnology then to S.I. work on classification later to Cosmos Club