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=410? on Populus tremuloides  , Jefferson Highland N.H., June 16 '95
[[insertion, partly over word 'Jefferson']] to D[[op?]] [[/insertion]]
Egg hemispherical, white, nearly transparent at apex (1/2 inch) densely pitted like thimble. [[insertion]] .6 high [[/insertion]] 1 mm  [[underline]] Larva [[/underline]] Hd round brown [[rustia?]] pale eye & mouth dark w. [[m?]] Body shiny [[sordid?]] greenish, a s-d whitish line which becomes broken into oblique segmentary lines on abd, a whitish lateral line body has purplish tint. 12 & 6 slightly enlarged d. Tho feet & leg plate black. Csh brown pale, transverse. Tubercles distinct black anal feet divergent. [[Punks?]] upper side
[[image - larva]]  [[image - larva?]] ant c-sh  [[underline]] Molt June 18 [[/underline]] Hd 1 [[plus/minus symbol]] = 410 [[/image]]
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