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Calc. .32 .45 .62 .86 1.2 1.67 2.3 3.2 4.5 vat .72
Found .34 .4 .6 .9 1.2 1.9 2.5 3.4 4.5
416 (J. Doll) from Guadalajara! 
[[in blue]] Sept 16 1893 [[/in blue]]
[[blue strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Arachnis aulea [[/underlined]] Mat. [[strikethrough]] pseudo [[/strikethrough]] hibernating Hd normal ^[[insertion]] rounded as wide as high, scarcely bilobed [[/insertion]] flattened before, slightly retracted below 2. Shiny black, Body normal, large, robust. Warts large but low, [[/blue strikethrough]] circular, not at all elevated. Hair very bristly, quite short but dense, deep black, Body brownish black, dark, [[immaculate?]]. Feet blackish vinous Tho feet black. Warts pale brown, contrasting. Length 45-50 mm [[image - blue checkmark]] W hd 4
[[underlined]] [[Others?]] Stage I [[/underlined]] (Sept 16) Hd bilobed ^[[insertion]] lobes full, rounded, clypeus large [[/insertion]] mouth projection shiny blackish ^[[insertion]] ocelli black, mouth brown, [[strikethough]] cly [[/strikethrough]] [[/insertion]] W .3± ^[[insertion]] (Sh hd .30) [[underlined]] with camera .34 [[/underlined]] [[/insertion]] Body pale whitish brown [[blue strikethrough]] shading into a milky color dorsally under lens. Warts small, black, arranged normally [[image - half circle]] C-Sh, tho feet & abd. outwardly black. Hairs single black, rather long and curving in different directions, single from [[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] [[circled]] 2 [[/circled]] 5-12, several from a wart on the others. Some rusty brown S-d shading. Hair pointed very [[minutely?]] spinulose. Under X50 the warts are rounded [[image - half circle]] grey areas, scarcely elevated, smooth, the hair from black tubercles in these areas. [[/blue strikethrough]]
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[[page partly obscured by a loose page]]
[[blue strikethrough]] 6-10 marked in brick red around [[circled]] 1 [[/circled]]. D. line very narrow pale, Lateral white lines obscure, [[Hair?]] 2-5, 11-12 more abundant & longer than centrally. S-v hair white. All spiculated warts black, rather coarsely granular. Hd .8± (Sh .9) A few long pale hairs at both ends [[underlined]] Molt [[overwritten]] V [[/overwritten]] Oct 5 [[/underlined]] Hd squarish, black, W mm [[insertion]] (Sh hd 1.2) [[/insertion]] Body all black, with a narrow red d-line. Warts & tho. feet shiny; hair black at ends foxy red centrally, [[tho?]] long ant & post. hair & warts of the s-v ones pale, nearly white. At first glance the shiny warts look as if there were white specks some where [[underlined]] Molt [[overwritten]] VI [[/overwritten]] Oct 10 [[/underlined]] Hd shiny black Body black, immaculate, the warts shiny. Abd feet ^ [[insertion]] light [[/insertion]] reddish. Hair stiff bristly, pointed spinulose, foxy red mixed with black all over the body with a few longer pale ones. The small spiracles white S-v hair indistinctly paler. (Sh hd 1.9) [[underlined]] Molt [[overwritten]] VII [[/overwritten]] Oct 15 [[/underlined]] Hd 2.8± Hd black, reddish at vertex. [[?]] of ant. pale. Same but central wart in the sides brownish Spiracles white. Hair same. S-v scarcely paler. (Sh hd 2.5) [[underlined]] Molt [[overwritten]] VIII [[/overwritten]] Oct 22 [[/underlined]] Black, warts brown, hair with a little red still. Abd feet dull crimson Spiracles reddish (Sh hd 3.4)

Transcription Notes:
On the first page, a long blue squiggle is written across the first four lines of text and a large blue X is written across the text on the page's bottom half. On the second page, blue X's and slashes cover most of the text. Content of the second page was matched to the transcription of image 5, which contains an unobstructed view of the second page. -@mnathan