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with yellow spots ^[[insertion]] ii [[only on 11 [[/insertion]] and the whole [[?]] is imperfectly bordered with yellow w white, the border extending to anal feet Feet and [[venter?]] brown, the feet lined with brown. Tubercules [[?]] white or whitish except in dorsal band setae dark, distinct, glandular, 
[[underlined]] Molt July 13 [[/underlined]] Same as first (Desc July 17) Hd rounded, higher than wide but not above 2 [[mm?]] retracted, not bilobed but suture rather deep. W. 3 mm [[Ground?]] white with a yellow [[?]] reticulated with mottled bands of purple brown a [[broad?]] one running from [[antenna?]] to top of each lobe. Body pointed d. 5 & 12 tubercles i then red. large & conspicuous, elsewhere very small though i on 6-8 is white and rather distinct; all other tubercles [[?]] [[sp?]], setae dark moderately long venter i legs purple brown dotted with white; sides whitish green finely dotted with white & brown and shading into a brighter

Transcription Notes:
The TC uses ^[[text]] markup for handwritten text in typed pages so I've edited this for consistency to [[insertion]] text [[/insertion]] markup. Anything I think has been correctly transcribed in [[?]] I've taken out but where I'm in doubt I've left the words in [[?]] -@siobhanleachman