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[[stamped]] AUG-9 1924 [[/stamped]]

For Prize Contest

South Charleston, Ohio. Aug.6, 1924

W. Atlee Burpee Co.,


In 1912 I signed my "Emancipation Proclamation" when I made my first order for Burpee's seeds. Since then I have been free from the annual dread of monotonous working in the garden and have joined those who consider gardening the most pleasant and healthful hobby in the world. And my friends enjoy my little park as much as I for every day I take many through it to show them the "Wonders of the World" which are growing there. Vacation days now bring an opportunity not to get away from home but to be at home enjoying the beautiful flowers and dishes,"fit for a king",prepared from the most delicious vegetables which grow in my garden. The longest days in the year to me are those between the first killing freezes and the coming of your new catalog. Then after working hours,plans are made for a bigger, better,and more beautiful garden,and I have always succeeded in spite of weather conditions for I always use Burpee's seeds, which grow and never disappoint. 

Yours very truly,
[[L. H. Chenoweth]]

L. M. Chenoweth,
South charleston, Ohio.