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[[stamped]] Aug-8 1924 [[/stamped]]

For Prize Contest.
August 7, 1924.

What Burpee's Seeds Have Done for Me.

Burpee's seeds have done much for me.  I have grown your tomato and cabbage seeds with pleasure,  always being able to rely on the seeds coming up.  I grow these seeds in a green house in flats, transplanting to pots when they are large enough.  It is surely astonishing to watch these seeds grow.  I grow the Stone, Acme and Ponderosa tomatoes with great success,  also early cabbage plants.  

I have a greater demand for these plants than room to grow, hoping to enlarge the greenhouse, in order to accommodate my customers to a fuller degree and to gain new ones.

It is a great pleasure to watch the Burpee vegetable seeds grow in my small garden throughout the growing season.  In the fall an abundant crop is harvested considering the size.

Very truly yours, 
[[signature]] Mrs. Asa J. Cortright.

My address is:
Mrs. Asa T. Cortright
Shunpike Road
R.F.D #2 Chatham, N.J.