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For Prize Contest.

This spring I decided to rent a small garden and raise some vegetables and flowers so I thought I'd buy good seeds as it was a lot cheaper then I would not have to plant them over. I bought your seeds and planted them diden't seem 3 days until my garden was a sight to see everything nearly was up. (I planted in rows) my neighbors planted same time theirs wasn't up & they fertilized I
dident. So to day I have the nicest garden. I supply my family 5. sold enough to pay Rent April - till Aug - $10 mo. and I havent began yet as I have summer & fall crop yet As we live along National Highway Tourists going along stop to see my garden & of course I have to tell them whos seeds I planted. I've gave your add to [[strikethrough]]most[[/strikethrough]] more that 200 people. I have the only Parsnips around here. My sweet peas (mixed) were wonders. It surely is a pleasure and profit to work in my garden not counting the talk the neighbors do about my garden.  Then we'll be more better garden next year than then has been for a long time. I cant express my praise of a garden lik mine words are useless.

Hoping you will have as much success in years to come as you have had in the past.

I Remain
Mrs Emma E. Carlile
R.D. no. 3.
Washington Pa