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P.S. I can not hardly wait until I can visit your Fordhook Farms as it is nearest to me. I have 16 different colors of Poppys. Please send me one of your catalogues as I loned mine to some one & cant locate it as I want to get some seeds to plant this fall, also bulbs.

Washington Pa
Aug. 1. 1924

W. Atlee Burpee Co.
Seed Growers Philadelphia Pa.

Dear Sir.

Please find enclosed a letter to be used in your Contest as being a grower of Burpee seeds I thought I'd send in my experance. I couldnt of course tell all for I could talk all day and then not be through for I have had as high as 6 a day to see my  [[underline]] prize garden [[/underline]] & flowers and I only half tried as I never used your seed before until [[underline]] Mr. Warrick. Wash Pa [[/underline]] spoke to me about it as I told him I was going to try my luck at gardening he says make it a [[underline]] Burpee Garden [[/underline]]. so I purchased some of nearly every thing The ground I have no one has ever had a garden for about 20 years & it wasnt in very good shape. so next year I am having an acre. of [[underline]] good [[/underline]] growing so I can plant more. I would of had a finer garden if I had of gotten it in sooner as it was so wet this spring you wouldnt work it. I have sweet peas on stems [[underline]] 8 - 10 in [[/underline]] The people here says its because I'm lucky but I tell them I never was lucky. Its the seeds. Their are people here have their seeds all picked out for next year as I loned them my book (over) Mrs. E.E. Carlile