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[Note from Archives of American Gardens: These letters are presented as a window into life in the 1920s and therefore may include terms and expressions that are offensive to contemporary readers. This material in no way reflects the views of the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Gardens.]

I planted Philadelphia Bush. Lima & Sunnybrook & Delicious. My corn isnt ripe yet but oh such corn & my Limas are the only Limas I have ever had a success with as they never would yield. I planted them 15 in apart. their in clusters. Oh what beans. Last year I had yellow carnation this year out of your mixed seed I have yellow poppy some thing that has not been advertised in any of the seed books. Is their such a thing as a yellow peony? I'm trying to cross the wild flower called ([[underlined]] niggerheads [[/underlined]])  with yellow outside petals black centers I am trying to cross them with the African Gold Daisy. I believe I can get them large. A friend of mine loned me. Luther Burbancks Vol of books on how to breed plants, how to graft plants, ect. Next year I intend to try old ^[[fashioned]] gimpson with some plant I have not decided yet.

Transcription Notes:
The "wild flower" with yellow petals and black center the writer refers to is a Black-eyed Susan. "Gimpson"/"Gempson" may be a misspelling or misunderstanding of Gypsum or Jimson?