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PagePlateClassObjectR.A.DecStartObs H.A.Obs DecStopExpDateMiscellaneous
3217211Ecl Jup Sat IV05 303 30 E+18.006 12Dec 25 1907x 17211 Var. Star App. 10 pin drum. 1st image next plate No. 1m signals through com for B 394. Jupiter occulted by concave side of fine pen. 1st movement by hand as apparatus did not work. ET by B 394 11 01 2rd movement. 11 43 Closed. 2K Clouds over region during last two exposures. Large aperture. 11 46 started. 11 48 closed. Small aperture. 11 50 started. 11 59 closed. Entirely clouded over during last. Ran in hopes of getting two consecutive images not bothered by clouds.