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PagePlateClassObjectR.A.DecStartObs H.A.Obs DecStopExpDateMiscellaneous
5017243Occ 30 Piscium1 471 51Jan 08 1908x 17243 Var. Star App. Signals of 1s for F 1327. 1st image next plate No. Closed circuit for signals. 1st sid min by F 1327 at 1 48. Last sid min by F 1327 at 1 51. Plate holder fell out of app. at close. As the slide was not in, the plate came out of the holder on the floor. Therefore plate was numbered at both ends.
5017244Ecl Jup Sat I Dis4 28 *4 26 E04 37 *Jan 08 1908x 17244 Ecl Jup Sat I Dis. occulted by small pin. 1st image next plate of plate no. See Note. ET by B 394 9 03 10 1st movement. 9 40 1st ET mov. 9 13 0 Last movement. The interruption at the minute did not come for the latter part of the run. Note: - Signals of 8s & 2s. 1m ET Com is put in so that at every minute an extra image or two are thrown in. Thus at 58s 1st secondary image begins. 00 2nd secondary image begins. 02 Next framing image begins. x 17244 These times computed from mean time of starting and stopping.