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PagePlateClassObjectR.A.DecStartObs H.A.Obs DecStopExpDateMiscellaneous
3617669Dis Jup IV12 412 05 W+10.313 35Mar 21 1909* 17669 Dis. Jup. IV 1m signals through com. from B 394 = White Light. Backed plate. First image near numbered end. Var. Star App. used. 12 29 7-9 First movement. 13 22 7-9 Last movement. B's watch used. Watch 9 sec. fast. x 17669 Sigma Plate.
3617670HR 596915 57-25.615 130 44 E-17.817 13Mar 21 1909

Transcription Notes:
Maybe a minor issue: Should the hand-written asterisk at the top of the REMARKS section be duplicated in the Miscellaneous section of the transcript? I noticed only an 'x' was transcribed. Also an 'x' was written at the bottom of the REMARKS section and correctly transcribed.