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The contract for the building was let to John Clark Udall, Inc., under date of May 25, 1916, at the price of $241,339.70. Mr. Charles P. Huntington was designated as architect and his fee fixed at ten per cent of the cost of the building. Subsequently the following extras were awarded upon the construction contract:

[[table with headings DATE / DESCRIPTION / AMOUNT]]

September 20, 1916  Extra work on sewer connection (Cost contributed by James B. Ford)  $1975.00
April 6, 1917  Installation of additional workroom outfit  197.00
April 6, 1917  Additional telephone connections and lighting outlets  186.00
April 26, 1917 Extra additions to 4th floor window sashes  155.00

The building has now been roofed in and the work on the interior is being pushed as rapidly as possible in spite of strikes which have seriously hampered the builder.
The temporary museum situated at 10 East 33rd Street was closed on May 1st and the contents moved to temporary storage in the building of the American Geographical Society, who are so courteously housing this institution pending the completion of its own building.
Now that the building is near completion the question of storage and exhibition cabinets and cases has become pressing. Owing to the conditions in the metal market it was thought best to defer contracting for the cabinets and cases for the upper floors and to purchase at this time only the necessary storage and first floor cabinets which will be immediately needed. A fund of $28,250. has been raised for cabinets to which the following gentlemen have made subscriptions: Mr. James B. Ford, $18,000; George G. Heye, $9,500; F. Kingsbury Curtis, $750. Mr. Harry F. Beers, who is the Chief of Construction of the American Museum of Natural History, has been appointed Consulting Engineer of this institution to supervise the design, manufacture and erection of cabinets and cases.
The Board of Trustees of the museum have held meetings, at which business was transacted, on the following dates: May 22, 1916, May 24, 1916, May 31, 1916, September 20, 1916 and January 11, 1917. The Board of Trustees has been increased in number to eight, and the following gentlemen now constitute the Board: George G. Heye, F. Kingsbury Curtis, James B. Ford, Harmon W. Hendricks, Archer Milton Huntington, Minor C. Keith, Clarence B. Moore and Frederic K. Seward.
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Attached hereto is the report of the Assistant Treasurer to the Treasurer, for the period from May 26, 1916 to May 1st, 1917, which the Treasurer has submitted as his report for said period and which is adopted by this Board as its account of its financial operations and statement of the financial affairs of the institution.
In addition to the financial transactions set forth in said report, the Chairman has received and expended for account and benefit of the institution moneys aggregating $72,545.12. This sum is made up of donations largely from members of the Board of Trustees and the balance from friends of the institution for special purposes designated by the respective donors. Your Chairman has made such expenditures and will file the vouchers for such expenditures with the Assistant Treasurer so that a formal record of the transaction will be made on the books of the institution.
The Chairman is informed, that in addition to the amounts given to and expended by him as aforesaid for account of the museum, certain trustees and friends of the museum have directly expended in the purchase of collections and specimens, which were later presented to the museum, the sum of $19,000. Including the $300. contributed to the funds of the museum and paid out on June 16, 1916 as per the Treasurer's report in the purchase of archaeological specimens, the aggregate of moneys expended by or for account of the museum from May 16, 1916 to May 1st, 1917, in the acquisition of collections and specimens and in the financing of expeditions is $91,845.12.


During the period covered by this report the institution has sent out the following expeditions:
Marshall H. Saville to Guatemala, Salvador and Honduras. Mr. Saville reports that he has successfully completed his Honduran expedition and has obtained a large collection from the Ulua River Vally, including three exceptionally fine carved alabaster vases. From Guatemala and Salvador, where he now is, he reports good success but has not as yet forwarded any specimens.
M. R. Harrington to Arkansas, where he has collected some excellent pottery and clay pipes, some of the latter eighteen inches in length; also some remarkably carved stone ear ornaments. Mr. Harrington will continue his work in southwestern Arkansas during the summer.
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