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The Thomas S. Triss collection of Plains Indians ethnology was presented through the generosity of Mr. Harmon W. Hendricks. This collection was made about 1850, in the vicinity of Fort Laramie, Wyoming, and is a most valuable addition to the Museum from that vicinity. It contains many quilled and painted shirts, the very oldest type of beaded and quilled bags, etc., and a fine buffalo hide shield.
The Timoleon Flores collection, consisting of very unusual ethnological specimens from the Department of Oriente, Ecuador, was given to the Museum through the generosity of Mr. Harmon W. Hendricks, as was also the George G. Hale collection of archeology from Fairfield County, Connecticut, and a collection of pottery from Ancon, Peru, besides four smaller collections.
The Charles R. Carr collection of Rhode Island archeology presented by Mrs. Charles R. Carr. This collection, consisting of approximately 1,000 specimens, is the result of the late Charles R. Carr's excavations, covering a number of years at the Indian cemetery located on Burr's Hill, Warren, Rhode Island, and is a most valuable and interesting collection, consisting not alone of aboriginal specimens but also a large number of trade articles of an early Colonial period which were found in the different graves. There are also numerous specimens of aboriginal weaving and basketry which are excessively rare from the northeastern United States.
Mr. F. Kingsbury Curtis presented the Museum with two pottery jars found at Greenwood Lake, New Jersey, which are unique.
The W. J. Mackay collection, presented through the generosity of Mr. Mackay, consisting of approximately 3,500 specimens, is of archeology from New York State and other locations, the most valuable part of the collection being from excavations made near Niagara Falls, of an old Neuter village site and cemetery.
The Theodoor de Booy collection of ethnology, from the Mocoa tribe, the Mocoa branch of the Motilone stock, of northwestern Venezuela, presented by Mrs. Thea Heye, consists of about 500 specimens. As Mr. de Booy was the first collector to visit these Indians, this is a most important collection.
The Gladys M. Skinner Memorial collection, presented by Mr. Alanson B. Skinner, consists of archeological specimens of interest from different local sites, and is a valuable addition to our quickly growing collection of local material.
The William R. Blackie collection of Westchester County, New York archeology was presented by him. Many of the sites on which these specimens were obtained have since been built over, thus making Westchester County material most difficult to obtain.
The following made gifts to the Museum of specimens, photographs, books, etc:
[[left column]]
Mr. A. P. Angell
Mr. Reginald Pelham Bolton
Mr. William R. Blackie
Mr. Alfred Brown

[[right column]]
Mr. Elijah Bailey
Dr. Isaiah Bowman
Mr. Frank P. Barker
Mr. Frank D. Barnaby

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[[left column]]
Mr. Abner H. Bailey
Mr. Charles F. Bowler
Mr. Fenton Bryden, Jr.
Mr. Henry D. Cady
Mrs. Henry D. Cady
Dr. Gilbert L. Church
Hon. Chandler H. Coggeshall
Mr. George Coggeshall
Mrs. Charles R. Carr
Mr. Charles Carey
Mr. William L. Calver
Sr. Miguel A Carvajal de Castro
Mr. A. B. Comer
Mr. J. M. Carson
Mr. E. R. Dodge
Mr. F. S. Dellenbaugh
Mrs. Theodoor de Booy
Mr. George Drown
Lieut. G. T. Emmons
Mr. Dwight Franklin
Mr. R. J. Flaherty
Mr. F. J. Fries
Mr. John Fenton
Mr. Thomas Gans
Mr. E. H. Gohl
Miss Edith Hendricks
Mrs. Thea Heye
Mr. William D. Halsey
Dr. Nelson R. Hall

[[right column]]
Mr. Allen Hoar
Mrs. Martha G. Hervey
Mr. J. S. Handshaw
Mr. Joseph Keppler
Mr. Henry M. Keith
Mr. E. T. Kiggins
Mr. Roy Latham
Mr. James W. Moore
Mr. H. E. Merrill
Mr. J. Murray
Mr. William J. Mackay
Mr. William A. Moore
Mr. S. W. McCallie
Mrs. Sarah E. Olden
Mrs. M. H. Peabody
Mrs. Elsie Clews Parsons
Mrs. George E. Post
Mr. George H. Pepper
Mr. E. M. Robertson
Mr. William R. Reimann
Mr. Armand Raveau
Mr. O. A. Soper
Mr. A. B. Skinner
Mr. Ernest Schernikow
Mr. George P. Toby
Mr. Ralph E. Twitchell
Mr. Frank Wood
Mr. William H. Woodin, Jr.

The total gifts for the year, outside of those donated directly by the trustees, are as follows:
6,447 Specimens.
8 Books.
102 Photographs.
1 Book of photographs.
21 Drawings.
1 Parchment document.
1 Map.
1 Steel drawing.
1 Miscellaneous lot of manuscript.

The gifts from the different members of the Board of Trustees collections and specimens, exclusive of expeditions, during the year amount to $19,523. From outside sources, there have been collections and specimens to the amount of $8,577, making a total of $28,100.
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