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Dr. Speck also collected some cooking vessels, pottery and other articles from the Pamunkey and the Chickahominy Indians of Virginia.

California.  Through the generosity of Mrs. Thea Heye, an expedition was arranged headed by Mr. J. P. Harrington of the Bureau of American Ethnology, Washington, D. C., to excavate the Burton Mound (the old Ambassador Hotel site) at Santa Barbara, California.  The excavating was started the first of May and the work there closed on December 1st.  A collection of over 10,000 objects was obtained, including large steatite bowls, utilitarian objects of stone and bone, and thousands of ornaments of shell, stone and bone.  This gives the Museum the only complete Barbareno collection extant, and one that cannot be duplicated, as the site is now being utilized for building lots.

Connecticut. About the middle of June an expedition was conducted at the Eagle Hill shell heap near Milford, Connecticut, under the direction of Mr. Carroll G. Alton of New Haven, Connecticut.  Three weeks' work there brought to light a considerable amount of archaeological material of the usual type found in the Long Island Sound middens.

Canada.  Mr. A. I. Hallowell of Philadelphia visited the St. Francis Abnaki Indians of Qu├ębec, Canada, from whom a representative collection was obtained, among which are articles of fur, apparel, foods and a canoe.


Among the many valuable gifts from Mrs. Thea Heye was the E. H. Hills collection comprising some 1,850 specimens from California, Ohio, Missouri, and Mexico.  The Museum is also indebted to Mrs. Heye for numerous other specimens presented by her, including material from the Haida, Tlingit, Kawkiutl, Pueblo, Navaho, Zuni, Pomo and Pima Indians; also a shrunken body of a Spanish officer from the Jivaro Indians of Oriente, Ecuador; and 87 archaeological specimens from the Valley of Mexico.

Mr. Harmon W. Hendricks contributed a very large and representative collection of material from the Yurok Indians of California; also some specimens from the Karok Indians of that same region.  By this generous gift the Museum has the largest collection from these tribes in the world, and one that can never be duplicated, as this collection comprises practically all the aboriginal material left among these peoples.

During the past year an extensive collection of pottery from Mexico has been acquired, through the generous backing of Mr. James B. Ford.  The collection comprises material from the states of Puebla, Oaxaca, Vera Cruz and Mexico.

A collection of 304 specimens consisting of arrowpoints, celts, hammer stones, axes and other archaeological specimens was generously contributed to the Museum by Mrs. J. Francis Murphy.

The Museum is grateful to Miss Mary Patterson Lord for 71 specimens

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collected by her late brother, David W. Lord, while with the Hemenway archaeological expedition in Arizona and New Mexico in 1887 to 1889.

The following made gifts to the Museum of specimens, photographs, books, etc.:

Abercrombie, David T.
Abrams, Edwin
Academy of Sciences, Petrograd
Alden, John P. C.
Angle, Edward H.
Argabrite, W. G.
Arnow, Thomas C.
Avery, G. W.
Banta, Mrs. R. W.
*Barry, T. W.
Bayley, Mrs. Samuel
Biblioteca Municipal, Ecuador
Bittner, G. F.
Black, Mrs. John
Bolton, Reginald Pelham
Borein, Edward
Boury, Lewis
Britton, W. R.
Bruce Museum
Bull, Norris L.
Bull, Tyler
Bullis, Howard P.
Burdick, Mrs. Loron
*Burlin, Mrs. Natalie Curtis
Burnet, J. C.
Burnett, E. K.
Bussing, Mrs. Mary
Calver, William L.
Carroll, B. C.
Childs, Mrs. H. P.
Collingwood, Mrs. Helena
Comer, Austin and Chester
Craig, James P.
Crawford, M. D. C.
Curtis, Bridgham
Dasburg, A.
Dellenbaugh, F. S.
Dreisback, Dr.
Dunsmore, John Ward
Emmons, G. T.
Eppley, Marion
Falvy, A.
Fehlinger, H.
Freudenfels, Mrs. Hugo H.
Gellot, E. A.
Goodell, A. J.
Harper & Bros.
Hatch, Miss H. A.
Hayes Memorial Library and Museum
Haynes, W. de F.
Hewlett, Walter J.
Jones, Mrs. Louise C.
Joyce, Mrs. Keith
Joyce, T. A.
Kersting, Rudolph
Kratina, Joseph
Lauxman, C.
Lighthall, W. D.
Livingston, Mrs. Murray
Lothrup, S. K.
Love, Mrs. Nannie C.
Mann, W. N.
McGough, P. J.
McNab, C. S.
Merriam, C. Hart
Messenger, Mrs. Joseph E.
Moffatt, James H.
Mulford, Joseph Hall
Murphy, J. M.
Nemah, Whongho
Nicholson, Miss Grace
Nordenskiold, Erland
Normoyle, Mrs. J. E.
Park, Edward
Parker, W. T.
Parsons, Mrs. Elsie Clewes
Remer, John W.

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