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estate and also the investment of $50,000 of general funds of this institution. Messrs. E. C. Delafield, Willard V. King and Thomas Roberts were appointed a Committee to pass upon the investments.

A meeting of the Board was held on February 4, 1930. At this meeting the Committee on Investments made its report and resolutions were adopted ratifying the purchases made upon the said Committee's recommendation, for details of which reference is hereby made to the Treasurer's report.

At this meeting Dr. and Mrs. Alonzo Eugene Austin were duly elected Life Members in recognition of their gifts from their collection of ethnological material from the Northwest Coast.

At the same meeting Mr. Blair S. Williams was elected a Fellow of the Institution in recognition of his contributions to the general funds.

The Chairman reported to the Board at this meeting the conclusion of negotiations carried on by him for our fellow trustee, Mr. Archer Milton Huntington, with relation to the Museum's library. As a result of those negotiations, the Chairman and Mr. Frederick W. Hodge of our staff with Mr. Archer M. Huntington, and his wife Mrs. Anna Hyatt Huntington, and Mr. Edward T. Newell of the American Numismatic Society, have become members of the Board of Trustees of the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room located in Westchester Avenue, The Bronx. Mr. Huntington has deeded contiguous land to the said Library and has donated funds amply sufficient for the erection of a building thereon connected with the old library building, especially designed to house the libraries of this Institution and of the American Numismatic Society and with excellent facilities for reading rooms and other library functions. Mr. Huntington has also made provision whereby a special endowment fund will be created, the income from which will be used one-half for accretions to the library of this Institution, one-fourth to that of the American Numismatic Society and one-fourth to the existing library of the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room. This Institution, in consideration of the foregoing, is to transfer to the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room its entire library under provisions whereby our staff and members are to always have the privilege of withdrawing books therefrom as needed and whereby the library will be properly maintained, catalogued and always available for public use.

Resolutions were adopted approving the proposed arrangement, and accepting its terms in principle. Messrs. Heye and Fraser were appointed a committee to pass upon the terms of the proposed gift of this Institution's library to the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room and authorization for the execution of an Indenture of Trust making the gift of the library to the Huntington Free Library and Reading Room was duly given.

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Report of Attendance

For Last Fiscal Year, April 1, 1929-March 31, 1930

                Week Days   Sundays    Holidays    Total
April..........  3,400       1,451       ...       4,851
May............  3,145       1,009       125       4,279
June...........  1,791       1,036       ...       2,827
July...........  2,423         714       175       3,312
August.........  3,165       1,061       ...       4,226
September......  1,861       1,605       145       3,611
October........  2,852       1,707       165       4,724
November.......  2,798       1,262       679       4,739
December.......  2,502       2,320       145       4,967
January........  2,962       1,547       365       4,874
February.......  2,520       2,510     1,052       6,082
March..........  3,252       3,161       ...       6,413
                ------      ------     -----      ------
Total.......... 32,671      19,383     2,851      54,905

Attendance for fiscal year April 1, 1928 to March 31, 1929.  54,361
Total attendance, since opening of Museum............ ..... 415,597

Museum Building

There have been but few changes during the year with the exception of small additions to the exhibitions, mostly in the Central American section. It was deemed advisable not to change the exhibits greatly on account of the entirely new installations that will be necessary in the archeological section of the United States due to the acquisition of the Clarence B. Moore collection. These changes will be made during the coming summer.

Museum Annex

The study collections now in the Museum Annex have been kept entirely in order and properly cross-indexed.

The specimens in the Physical Anthropological Department there are now properly arranged and at the disposition of students in that branch of anthropology.

The grounds have been well maintained and are in very good condition.

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