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The annual meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on May 5, 1931. At this meeting Mr George G. Heye and Mr. Joseph Keppler were elected respectively Chairman and Vice-Chairman and Messrs. George C. Heye and George C. Fraser members of the Executive Committee to serve until the annual meeting in 1934. At this meeting also the Director Mr. George G. Heye, together with Messrs. Hodge, Saville, Orchard and Otteking were appointed the Staff Committee of the Museum to serve until the next annual meeting. 

A special meeting of the Board was held on September 2, 1931 in lieu of the regular meeting set for the first Tuesday in October since the Chairman would be away at the time set for the regular meeting. At this meeting the Board took note of a suit brought against the United States Trust Company, a California corporation, seeking to enforce stockholders' liability to the extent of $553.17 and interest against the United States Trust Company, the record holder of 37 shares of the capital stock of the Vegetable Oil Corporation, a part of the Harriet P. Eaton Fund. The United States Trust Company as depository of the securities in said fund was indemnified from loss by reason of such suit. 

At this meeting also, Messrs. King, Roberts and Williams were appointed a Finance Committee to examine and pass upon the securities in which the various endowment funds of the Museum were invested, and to make recommendations in regard thereto.