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for stone implements and pottery fragments from the West Indies. 

Through an exchange with the Reading Public Museum and Art Gallery this institution acquired a very interesting chief's seat from the Haida and two houseposts from the Tlingit, in return for South American ethnology from various tribes. 

An exchange with Stephen H. P. Pell was made for Iroquois and Seneca material, the Museum acquiring specimens to fill in their collections from the Jicarilla Apache and the Cree. 

A small exchange with Dr. Frank G. Speck was consummated, the Museum receiving a Dutch iron trade pipe from the Wampanoag in return for some arrowpoints from Georgia. 

Through an exchange with Jorge A. Lines for one of the Museum's publications, "Pottery of Costa Rica and Nicaragua" by Samuel K. Lothrop, the Museum acquired some interesting archeological specimens from Costa Rica. 

By the sale of duplicate specimens to the William Rockhill Nelson Trust, and to Mr. Albert Gallatin, the Museum was enabled to pay its commitments due on Peruvian and Northwest coast specimens that had been contracted for some years before. 


Through the kindness of Mrs. Lee S. Miller the Museum has acquired as a loan some interesting specimens from the Huron, Yankton Sioux, Chippewa and Cree, collected by Colonel Charles A. Booth of the Seventh Infantry, about 1870. 

A platform pipe from Kinderhook, New York has been placed in the Museum as a loan from Mr. Karl Van Alstyne.