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There have been added to the collections during the past fiscal year 2,943 specimens; and there are now in the entire collection catalogue entries running consecutively to 182,109, an increase during the year of 1,347. 


The routine procedures in the Physical Anthropological Department have been carried on as usual during the past year, under the direction of Dr. Bruno Oetteking, who although not receiving any salary from the Museum, still continues work in his department. 

Visitors to the Department at the Annex were: 

Dr. Herbert U. Williams, Professor of Pathology in the University of Buffalo, New York 

Mr. Leslie A. Case, Superintendent of Schools in Westchester County, New York 

Mr. Giles G. Healy of New York City. 

Accessions to the collection of physical anthropology consisted in two skulls, and a number of stray bones from the Province of Magdalena, Colombia, collected by Gregory Mason. 

The curator spent the summer of 1931 in Europe visiting institutions. 

The curator published the following papers based on materials of his department: 

1. A contribution to the Physical Anthropology of Baffin 
   Island based on somatological data and skeletal material 
   collected by the Putnam Baffin Island Expedition of 1927. 
   Am. Jour. Phys. Anthrop., XV(3), 421-468. 

2. The nasion and the measurement of the nose in the living. 
   Am. Jour. Phys. Anthropo., XV(3), 469-476
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