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Indians. The remainder were from all over the world, with especially fine specimens from Africa, the South Sea Islands and Hawaii. We have sold some of these, and exchanged many of the others for specimens which are needed. 


Through a subscription by the Board of Trustees a very valuable collection of pipes from North and South Carolina was purchased. 

A small but important collection of ethnology of the Plains tribes, principally Cheyenne, made by the late Frank Linabury, was acquired from his estate. 


During the past fiscal year there were no loans of specimens for exhibition purposes. 


The following made gifts to the Museum, of specimens, photographs, books, etc.: 


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Abbott, Arthur P. 
Abbott, Freeman 
Alden - Frank, Inc. 
American Indian Defense Association, Inc. 
American Numismatic Society 
Armstrong, Harold H. 

Ballentine, Miss Alice 
Barry, J. Neilson 
Beasley, Dr. H. G. 
Benford, R.H. 
Benjamins, Dr. H. D.
Bennett, Captain Robert R. 
Berlin, Dr. Knud 
Blackie, W. R. 
Blackwell, Tom 
Blodgett, George W. 
Boden, B. A.
Bolton, Reginald Pelham 
Bonnin, Mrs. Gertrude 
Bovet, Charles E. 
Bridges, Lucas
Brockbank, Harrison
Bull, Norris L. 
Bullis, Howard 
Burnett, E. K. 
Burney, Sydney 

Calver, William L. 
California State Library 
Callegari, Dr. G. V. 
  Archiviste de la Province 
  Department of Mines 
  National Development Bureau 
  National Museum 
  Ontario Archivist 
  Provincial Museum of Natural History 
  Public Archives of Canada 
  Royal Canadian Mounted Police 
Carnegie Corporation of New York 
Carnegie Institution of Washington 
Cassidy, Miss A. H. 
Chabot, Frederick C. 
Choate, Miss Mabel 
Clemens, Mrs. James B. 
Columbia University Press 
Commissioner of Conservation, New Orleans, Louisiana 
Conkling, Roscoe P. 
Consulate General of Denmark 
Cook, Mrs. Adele Neff 

Davison, Charles Stewart 
Day, John, Company, Inc. 
Deisher, Harry K. 
Delany, L. F. 
Dellenbaugh, F. S. 
Denver Art Museum 
Dewey, Shelton 
Dieseldorff, Erwin P. 
Doubleday Doran & Company 
duPont, Mrs. Henry F. 

Elson Company, Inc. 
Emley, Jay Noble 
Exposition of Indian Tribal Arts, Inc. 

Faber, Sydney 
Farr, Henry 
Femte Thule Expedition 
Ferguson, Henry L. 
Forbes, Allan 
Fraser, Mrs. A. Valentine 
Frazier, Hon. Lynn J. 
Frost, Dr. S. W. 
Fulton, S. W. 
Furst, W. S. 

Galey, Thomas M. 
Godsell, P. H. 
Great Northern Railway Co. 
Griscom, W. N. 
Guenard, Dr. J. L. Montalvo 
Gusinde, Rev. Martin

Haffenreffer, R. F. 
Hamilton, Hon. J. C. 
Harwell, C. A. 
Healey, Sumner 
Heye, George G. 
Heye, Mrs. Thea 
Hispanic Society of America 
Hodge, F. W. 
Holland, Leicester B. 
Humber, F. F. 

Instituto de las EspaƱas en los Estados Unidos 


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