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One publication, "Archaeological Exploration of a Rock Shelter in Brewster County, Texas," by Edwin F. Coffin, was issued, it being Indian Notes and Monographs Miscellaneous No. 48. 

The sale of publications amounted to $239.45, and of the two series of colored postal cards, to $67.10. 


During the fiscal year the following progress has been made in the photographic department: 

Moving picture film, negative           19,615 feet 
   (no increase during the year) 

Moving picture film, positive           31,056 feet 
   (no increase during the year) 

Negatives                               20,656 
   (an increase of 100 during the year) 

Prints                                  10,443
   (an increase of 332 during the year) 

Lantern slides                             686
   (no increase during the year) 


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An exchange of ethnological material from the Comanche, Pima, Piegan, Ottawa and Crow, was made with the Nationalmuseet of Copenhagen, for an Eskimo mask and comb from Angmagssalik, East Greenland, and over four hundred archaeological specimens from the same district.  

An exchange of Honduras, Mexican, South Sea Island, and African specimens with the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art of Kansas City, for $3,000.00, which financed Mr. Gregory Mason's expedition to Honduras. 

An exchange with Mr. Frank Lehner, a publication for some photographs. 

Mr. John L. Nelson exchanged a collection of Hopi masks and ceremonial objects for paintings of Hopi Kachinas by Fred Kabotie. 

Exchanges of foreign material from Mrs. duPont's gift were made with the Old Dartmouth Historical Society and Whaling Museum of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Mr. W.C. Orchard, and Mr. Stephen Van Rensselaer. 


Through the kindness of Mr. Philip Sawyer, the Museum has acquired as a loan ten Navaho blankets, some of very old and rare types. 


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