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state               train               on              rain
register            sit-in              it              Etta
station             is                  at              Rita
strain              tag                 strange         tar
rotten              get                 ten             ton
treat               stranger            grate           great

Use some of the above words to make a story.


Etta and Rita met ten students at the train station. For ten minutes the rain came down in torrents. It made great holes in the roads. It splashed off the tar roofs and flowed into drains on the side of the curb. It looked as if a ton of rotten leaves were being carried into strange openings made by the water.

Suddenly the rain stopped, the sun came out and we went with the students to register. It was such a treat to look into the eyes of each stranger and see the satisfaction each had as the testing period ended. The great strain was over. Now each can wear a tag which reads "I have registered, have you?"

The words below come from the word GOVERNMENT.

Make sentences out of these words.

move                         got
over                         govern
toe                          term
me                           men


The men had to move over to make room for me on the bench.  
In the last term of office the mayor appointed aldermen to the newly made districts.


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[[image - black and white photo of a large building and front lawn.  Door framed by white columns.  Bushes growing around the front of the house and part of a tree in the foreground.  One person, far away, to the left of the building.]]
Dorchester Center, McIntosh, Georgia. One of many properties established by the American Missionary Association for the betterment of Negroes after the Civil War.


Writing is one way that you share with others the things that are on your mind. It is important to have a handwriting that others can read. A strong, sure handwriting shows that you are a strong sure person. All our First Class Citizens should have a first rate handwriting.
As you improve your writing, new worlds of pleasure will open and old fears will pass away. You will enjoy writing your friends. You will be able to write to your newspaper and express your views on the events of your community. You can write your Congressman or Senator to help him to vote for things that will help our people, and you will not be shy about filling out job application blanks, signing your name to your checks or registering to vote.
Everyone can improve his handwriting. Even doctors and businessmen can profit by a few hours practice on forming their letters correctly. You will feel better about writing as you learn to write better.

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