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New Words to Study

letter               five                important               parts
trip                 this                watered                 sincerely
August               here                gone                    dear


1. Say these words to your teacher.
2. Spell these words aloud.
3. Use these words in sentences.
4. Write these words.
5. Divide them into parts.
6. Find their meanings.

Writing a Friendly Letter

(Heading) [[redacted]]

Dear Harry,

Sue and I are going on a trip. We will be gone ten days. We want you to take care of the vegetable garden and the flower garden for us. I will pay you 
for the work you do.

The vegetables and flowers will have to be watered every day. They will have to be hoed, too.

If you can do this, let me know.

Sincerely yours,

Jim Davis

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Practice Lesson

Write a letter to a friend. Your letter should have five important parts.

[[handwritten example on lined worksheet]]
Feb. 1, 1963

Dear John,

We are having citizenship school each Friday nite at the St. Matthew Bap. Church.
Come over, we will be glad to have you.

Sincerely yours, 
Kitt E. Kennedy [[/handwritten example]]

Check your letter to see whether it is correct or not.

Draw a line under each word that you know.  Study the words that you do not know.

letter       important       sincerely       August       watered        trip
five         this            parts           here         gone           dear

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