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Wade in the water
A slave song, said to have been used by Harriet Tubman in the operation of the underground railroad.
1. Wade in the water,
Wade in the water, children
Wade in the water.
God's gonna trouble the water.
II. some say Peter, some say Paul, 
God's gonna trouble the water
There ain't but the one God made us all,
God's gonna trouble the water. (Cho.)
III. You can hinder me here, you can hinder
me there,
But the Lord in heaven will hear my
prayer. (Cho.)
IV. The enemy's great, but my captain's
I'm marching to the city and the road
ain't long. (Cho.)
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
This spiritual is comparagle to Go Down, Moses for its musical force.
I. Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel, deliver
Daniel, deliver Daniel
Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel, then
why not every man?
II. He delivered Daniel from the lion's den,
Jonah from the belly of the whale.
The Hebrew children from the fiery furnace.
Than why not every man? (Cho.)
III. Oh Daniel cast in the lion's den, he
prayed both night and day.
The angel came from heaven above and
showed him the way. (Cho.)
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Done Made My Vow To Be Free
I.  Done made my vow to be free and I never will turn back.
I will go, I shall go, to see what the end will be.
II. Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down,
I will go, I shall go.
But still my soul is freedom bound,
To see what the end will be. (Cho.)
III. I'll climb and climb and never stop,
Until I reach that mountain top.
IV. If you get there before I do,
Tell my friends I'm coming, too.
We Are Soldiers In The Army
We are soldiers, in the army.
We've got to fight although we have to cry.
We've got to hold up the bloodstained
We've got to hold it up until we die.
I. My Mother was a soldier,
she had her hand on the Gospel plow.
But one day she got old,
she couldn't fight anymore;
she said "I'll stand there and fight anyhow". (Oh chorus)
2. I'm glad I am a soldier
I've got my hand on the Gospel plow.
But one day I'll get old,
I can't fight anymore, but
I'll just stand here and fight on 
anyhow. (Oh chorus)
3. I know my soul's been converted
And that I'm not ashamed,
I was standing
There at the table
When the Angel signed my name.
(oh chorus)
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