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[[stamped]] AUG- 5 1924 [[/stamped]] 
First. Prize. Contest.

[[preprinted]] L. B. BROOKE
P. O. LANDOVER, MD. R. F. D. NO. 1 [[/preprinted]]

Aug 5" 1924

W.Atlee. Burpee. Co.


I was retired from Goverment service July 1921. established a home here on one acre of ground. beleaving that [[strikethrough]] by [[/strikethrough]] growing a garden would curtail my living expences. Burpee's seed were recomended by a neighbor, and I can trouthfully say that with very limited experiance have had good success, by following instructions printed on each package and with favorable conditions have found Burpee's seed not only Grow, but also. Yield, and are True.

I have also improved in health which I attribute to working in my garden and the good fresh vegitables obtained therefrom. It has cut my living expences to a minimum.

That is what Burpee's seed has done for me

Yours truly
L. B. Brooke