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[[page number in pencil in top right corner]]  189
[[stamped page number in top margin]]  191

[[underline]] D,gūmqālāgāsās    W,ākās [[/underline]] Lū Dūqālȳsālā
                       ¯                                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
              ..........that is ......                &  ..........

gūqālāī     lāx       yālāLī       lā  lāī 
living in village at goose island then she

[[underline]] D,gūmqālāgās [[/underline]]

nīk    kās   Gāxī D,ōqā Xīs  Wī,wāgā  Gāx  lāī 
said for her come see   her  brothers come she

Lāxīdā        lāām       B,āwīEqī      D,gūmqālāgās 
started in canoe now in family way her ............

Gāx  lāī  lāx    ts,āẋīnā    lāī     māyūLīdā   s,ā
came they say to skeener  then she confined she the

Bābāgūm    Hīẋīdā    āmlāxāāwīs        Dīs,āmẋīdī   D,ā
little boy  away  they say, also he turn into stone the

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