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[[page number in pencil in top right corner]]  83
[[stamped page number in top margin]]  85

Gāxīnyās   Gādā  Bālāgūm,   W,ā   lāmān
growing on this little boy, Done now I will

      _           _   _                _
yēlāqāL           LālīLālā   Xān   GālāLālē,  nāqā
sing secret song try to call my  dancing bird all

mīsī Dā  Bībāgānāmī Wēxālā, lā   yēlāgī
             ¯                       ¯
of   the people say go on, then he sing he

odgīstālīs,  yūmīs   yēlōxīdā yōsīyōx
..........  and this he sang  this is
[[note written in box at end of the above two lines]]
this is the secret song of Ōdgīstālīs called his Lawalaxa Doun.
                           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ?
[[/note in box]]

nāmōq    mān nāwālāāqīx     wē  hī ī hī ī
only one  I  magician this tune "  " "  "

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