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[[table in three columns]]

ENGLISH |                                         | REMARKS

199 He will come home |ä[[m]]s'-hlãf.
200 Let him go home |yã-wi-loñ-hã-tyoñ ä[[m]]-sã-hã-tä[[m]]'-dih._
201 He asked me to eat |wã-hã-gli'wã-noñ-doñ-se ã-kã'dek-hoñ'-ni._
202 I will ask him to eat |ä[[m]]hoñ-li-wã-noñ-doñ-soñ- ã-hã-dek-hoñ'-ni'
203 I asked you to eat |goñ-li-wã-doñ-ni'-hãk ã-sã-dek-hoñ'ni'
204 I will ask you to eat |ä[[m]]gli[[c]]-wã-noñ-doñ ä-gã-dek-hoñ-ni.
205 I am standing and looking |i-ge'te dek-kã'-ne-le.
206 He was standing and looking |i-lãt de-hã-gã'-ne-le._
207 I am sitting and eating |Ki-te-loñ lã-dek-hoñ'-ni._
208 He was sitting and eating |loñ[[cte]]loñk. lã-dek-hoñ-ni-kwe.
209 He was standing and holding a gun |Yho i'lãt lo-ne-yã-wã'0-goñ Kã-hoñ'-le._
210 He held a gun |lo-ne-yãwã'-goñ-kwe kã-hoñ-le.
211 He pointed a gun |lã-de[[c]]-sã-noñ ni-kwe Kã'-hoñ-le_
212 He was standing and pointing a gun |Yho i'-lãt lã-dē[[c]]'sã-noñ'-ni kã'-hoñ-le_
213 The boy was crying and eating |lã-ksõ[[c]] dã-ã-sä[[m]]'-thos'-kwe lã-dek-ho-ni'-
214 John is walking and whistling |John i-le lã-nã'-kã-le'le.
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