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[[encircled]] 3 [[/circled]]
[[back of folded topographic map with text on back]]

two cash,draft,? 
partly addressed to
ley is

United States
November 1937.

:-Effective on after October 1, 1946, the price of quadrangle maps will be 20 cents each. with a discount o amounting to $10 or more at the retail rate.

ssion, Wharves, Breakwater and jetties Bridge, Drawlsid

Land grant line, City, village or borough line, Small park or cemetery line, Triangulati point or tra traverse sta

Shaft, Mine tunnel, Mine tunnel (showing directions/ Lighthou or beaco

(printed in blue)

Canals or ditches, Aqueducts or waterpipes, Aqueduct tunnels, Lake or pond 

Transcription Notes:
There is a sliver of a map with "Sullivan Ran[ch?]] on it.