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[[Folded map that can not be seen unless unfolded]]
[[Various numeric notations at top of page, see below]]

[[Far left at top]] 160รท32 [[/Far left at top]]





1 mm = 50'
[[Text of map upside down]]
[[Visible text of map]] ...or larger. In addition to the area covered by topographic map about 11,300 square miles of southeastern Alaska has been covered by planimetric maps of scales of 1/125,000 and 1/250,000.
The Hawaiian Islands have been surveyed, and the resulting maps are published on a scale of 1.62,500.
[[line across page]]
[[image]] City or village
[[image]] Roads and buildings
[[image]] Ruins
Cliff dwelling
[[image]] Good motor road
Poor private [[text cut off]]
[[image]] Ford
Dam  Dam with lock
[[image]] Canal lock (point upstream)
[[image and text cut off]]
[[image]] Boundary monument
[[image]] Bench mark (supplementary bench mark shown by cross and black figures without lettering
[[image]] Cemeteries
[[image]] Church, Sc [[text cut off]] (distinguishes [[cut off]]
RELIEF (printed in brown)
[[image]] Elevation above mean sea level
(in black on recent maps)
[[image]] Contours (Contours showing depth of water printed in blue)
Depression contours

[[/end text of map]]

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