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Forming +/- small-medium [clums?], Culm decumben at base or arching or bending over trees and veget. Hard to see!
Culm solid with varan-
lar structure-but not
ring of holes_
Culm anferous below
node on lower front
of plant. cylindrical
Upper or [?] branches smooth.
Culm sheath persistent
until roten on lower
culms.  A little [adferous?]
or pubescent in long
smaller branches -
Blade very narrow, long
reflexed, soon decidous.
with +/- long (but not many)

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oval setae _ In long
shoots ears with white
hairs [retionar?] [[image-plant]]
Edge of sheath overlapping
and standing +/- open.
Drying very soon the edge
the base +/- longer or larger
starts separating from
Node not prominent
[[image of plant node]] with unusual [gauze?]
on back of culm
near node -
One main axis, repeated
base, [[strikethrough]] blade [[strikethrough]] bracts covering it
falling or trying to let 
see the segmented base
One or two > normally
branches on both sides
These are also rebranching
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