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  Write Carl Branson about guide to Glass Mtns.

  Write author of guide and inquire about ammonoids said to be in Wolfcamp.

   Glass Mtn. Ammonites
Eoasianites modestus (Böse) Uddenites zone below hill 4815. cgl.

Neopronorites bakeri M. & Furnish 1938 Dugout Mtn. (Wolfcamp)

Peritrochia ganti (Smith) 5 mi NE of W.C.

Look up Propinacoceras M. & F. 1938

  "   " [[Dittos for: Look up]] Uddenites harlani P. & S. 2 mi. NW of Montgomery Ranch King loc 95 Nodose M & F 1938

Eothalassoceras Keytei Smith M & F 1938 5 mi. NE of WC King loc 94

Shumardites uddeni - same loc as above

Plummerites incertus (Böse) WC hills west end