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Peritrochia horgisi King loc 89
W.C. See M & F 1938

Uddenites oweni M & F 1938
5 mi NE of WC.
Daraelites Texanus (Böse) loc 95
below hill 4815 in brown ls. with wood (not a ss.)

Properrinites M & F 1938

Eoasianites modestus (Böse)
5 mi NE & WC

Paralegoceras rectilaterale = Dunbarites South of Arnold Ranch

Teguliferina occurs with goniatites from South of Arnold Ranch

Lithology of goniatite bed of King loc 94 is not a ss but a brown, granular ls.

Matrix below hill 4815 is soft granular brown ls. has Spinifer Texanus. Peritrochia ganti (Smith) is abundant filled with yellow calcite. This bed is definitely not the one collected by Kirt and me.