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2174 Watson Mr. J. B. 
2178 Walker's Mr James - baby
2183 Wilkinson's Mrs. F. D. baby
2186 "Whites, The " 8x10
2186 White. Mr. Albert 8x10
2198 Walker, Miss Mary P.
2237 White, Miss Edith
2246 White, Miss N. 
2250 Wilson, Miss R. N. (8x10)
2252 Warrick, Mr. Louis
2256 Waters, Mrs. H. - baby
2258 Wilson, Miss M
2291 Whitty Mr. Chas.
2288 White, Mr. John
2306 Winters, R
2359 Wilson, Mr. W. F. (photo of Baby)
2360 Woodson, Mrs. H.D
2370 Wimberby, Mr. Joe
2371 Wood, Miss Madeline
2382 Woodford, Mr. L (copy)
2434 Wilson, Mr. I.E.
2440 Williams, Miss H (copy)
2395 Webb, Mr. R.B.  A.B.C. [[tau zeta?]]
2399 Webb Mr. H. " "[[ditto for A.B.C. [[tau zeta?]] ]]
[[pencil x]] 2404 Williams "[[ditto for Mr.]] A.C. " "[[ditto for A.B.C. [[tau zeta?]] ]]
2410 Wardlaw Prof C.H. " "[[ditto for A.B.C. [[tau zeta?]] ]]
"[[ditto for 2410]] Wardlaw Mrs " " " "[[ditto for C.H. A.B.C. [[tau zeta?]] ]]
"[[ditto for 2410]] Wardlaw family group " "[[ditto for A.B.C. [[tau zeta?]] ]]
2443 West Mrs. I
[[pencil x]] 2387 Wheeler, Mrs. M.C.
2450 Weir, Mr. Flex (baby)
2470 Woodson, Mr. C.G.
2490 Welch, Mr. J. A.
2505 Washington, Mr. C.B
2629 Warden, Miss Ethel
2526 Wilson, Dr. J. D. 

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2571 Williams, Dr. J.J. 
2572 Williams, Dr. R.O
2595 Westmoreland, Mr. E.P
2596 Williams, Mrs. Lucy (& children)
2618 Wilson, Dr. R. J.
2656 Winfield, Miss Rose
2660 Wise, Miss R. 
2670 Worthington, Mr. Arthur
2685 Williams Mr. H. A.
2695 Whitby, Mr. F. D. 
2736 White, Miss Margaret
2736 1/2 White, copy of Miss Margaret
2738 Wesley, Mr. Chas.
2740 Wilson, Prof. W.G. & Wife
2776 Woman's Missionary Group 8x10
2781 Wheeler, Mr. Geo. R. 
2785 Wilkerson, Mr. Johnnie (4x5)
2792 Garfield, children of Mrs. W. A. 
2795 Williams, Mr. Raymond
2799 Washington, Mrs. S. J. 
2812 Williams, Mrs. 
2823 Washington, Miss Martha
2829 West, Miss Oliver
2857 Wheeler's Mrs. copy
2877 Walker's Mr. copy
2883 Weir Miss J.M.
2916 Wicks, Mr. W. Randolph
2926 Waugh Miss Susie
2925 Woodfolk, Mr. B.C.
2940 Wormley Miss Mirian
2941 Wooden, Mr.
2954 Garfield Dr. W. A & family
2951 Waits Mr. B. L. 
2952 Williams Miss R. 
2991 Wallace Mrs. F. C. 
3013 White Mr. E. G. & friend
3023 William Mr. Hugo
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